Chromatophore (2003)

  • Chromatophore Signaling

    Chromatophore Signaling MP3

    Cephalopods, members of the phylum Mollusca, are able to modify body color patterns instantly allowing them to fit environmental cues. Alteration of body ...

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  • Marine Snow

    Marine Snow MP3

    As the name would suggest, marine snow resembles snowflakes suspended in the oceans' water column. Marine snow is the aggregations of a variety of ...

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  • Color Changing Cuttlefish

    Color Changing Cuttlefish MP3

    A cuttlefish changing its colors in the Mote Marine Aquarium. High resolution chromatophores... It's like science fiction come to life! New: For those who want to ...

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  • Underwater Fluorescence

    Underwater Fluorescence MP3

    UV light has a short wavelength and high energy that can be damaging to cells by altering their molecules, proteins, or DNA. Organisms have therefore ...

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  • Aposematic Coloration

    Aposematic Coloration MP3

    Aposematic coloration is the possession of warning signals that advertise dangerous and unpleasant attributes, which are used to deter predators.

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  • Motion Mimicry

    Motion Mimicry MP3

    Most research into animal mimicry has been focused on coloration and morphological features in prey-predator interaction. Motion as a mimic behavior has ...

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  • Fishing in No-Take Reserves

    Fishing in No-Take Reserves MP3

    Globally, marine fisheries are under increasing threat due to unprecedented levels of exploitation. Coral reef areas are heavily targeted due to increasing human ...

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  • Dancing Choreography Agility World Championship 2010 Part 3

    Dancing Choreography Agility World Championship 2010 Part 3 MP3

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  • Joe Hisaishi - The Sixth Station

    Joe Hisaishi - The Sixth Station MP3

    The Sixth Station by Joe Hisaishi. I think of the calm night ocean whenever I listen to this I put these pictures. Enjoy!

    Tags: Joe Hisaishi, Sprited Away, New Age, Asian Piano, Japanese, The Sixth Station, Relaxation, Inspirational, Ocean, Night ocean, Japan

  • זיהוי באמצעות דנ"א

    זיהוי באמצעות דנ"א MP3

    להסבר מלא כנסו אל - זהו סרטון מתוך המדור 'מאגר מדע' של האתר דוידסון און-ליין. דוידסון און-ליין הוא...

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  • Market Squid V: Producing an Egg Capsule in La Jolla Canyon

    Market Squid V: Producing an Egg Capsule in La Jolla Canyon MP3

    The female in the foreground is slowly producing an egg capsule. You can see the capsule growing out between her tentacles. She will deposit it in or close to ...

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  • Photosynthetic Membrane Simulation

    Photosynthetic Membrane Simulation MP3

    An atomic force microscopy image of a photosynthetic membrane in the purple bacterium Rps. photometricum was used to re-construct an all-atom model of part ...

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