The Water Clock

  • Soda Bottle Water Clock

    Soda Bottle Water Clock MP3

    How to make a Sand clock style Water clock. 350mL bottle = 10min 30sec.(water), 14min(83% ethanol) @ 22℃ Ethanol is higher viscosity than the water.

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  • How To Make Water Clock

    How To Make Water Clock MP3

    How To Make Water Clock SUSCRIBE: . - Follow Me: Facebook: ...

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  • Japanese water clock in Osaka Station.

    Japanese water clock in Osaka Station. MP3

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  • This Week

    This Week's WOW! | Ep. 11: Water Clock | The Children's Museum Indianapolis MP3

    Ever wonder how the Water Clock works? Vic the Plumber is here to explain!

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  • Water Clock Project

    Water Clock Project MP3

    A water clock is a timekeeping device which uses a flow of water to measure time.

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  • Water Clock at the Children

    Water Clock at the Children's Museum MP3

    The Children's Museum in Indianapolis has a giant water clock. When the clock rolls over from 12:59 to 1:00 it drains. This is video of that.

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  • Marshall Damerell

    Marshall Damerell's Water Clock MP3

    Learn more about the water clock by reading the article from the NAWCC Bulletin No. 399: September/October 2012 at ...

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  • How to make a simple water clock

    How to make a simple water clock MP3

    The materials can be found in your house.

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  • Water-Powered Digital Alarm Clock

    Water-Powered Digital Alarm Clock MP3

    Item is discontinued. View more awesome at Please subscribe to our channel: The ...

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  • water clock

    water clock MP3

    Water Clock: When I created this piece I was thinking about;Structure,Water,Gravity and Time. For more information please contact me at my web site ...

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  • The Elephant Clock by Al-Jazari

    The Elephant Clock by Al-Jazari MP3

    The Elephant Clock was a medieval invention by Master Engineer Al-Jazari (11361206), consisting of a weight powered water clock in the form of an elephant.

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  • Clepsydra Water Clock

    Clepsydra Water Clock MP3

    A primitive time-keeping tool, the clepsydra was used to time the length of speeches. The expression, "Don't muddy the water" springs from this device. Adding ...
  • Amazing water clock  凄すぎる水時計

    Amazing water clock 凄すぎる水時計 MP3

    Water clock in Japan Osaka Station is fantastic! I was impressed with the Art:) 大阪駅に登場した水時計が凄いです! 感動します。

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  • Sophia

    Sophia's Water Clock Close Up MP3

    These are the close up shots that show the mechanisms involved. more at
  • Building a Water Clock

    Building a Water Clock MP3


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  • Ancient Mechanical Clocks

    Ancient Mechanical Clocks MP3

    An outline of important milestones achieved by the ancient Greeks (most notably Ctesibius and Archimedes) in the construction of increasingly more advanced ...

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  • Water Clock

    Water Clock MP3

    Water clock project. It had to keep time using water for 60 seconds. The only supplies we were allowed to use were the ones we showed at the satrt. im the white ...

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  • The Water Clock @ Hornsby, NSW  Filmed on 20 April 2011

    The Water Clock @ Hornsby, NSW Filmed on 20 April 2011 MP3

    The Water Clock at Hornsby NSW Filmed By Greg Burt Video Footage Property of; Not for use by the New South Wales State ...

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  • The Water Clock Chronicles

    The Water Clock Chronicles MP3

    Sculptor, Victor Cusack explains the history,workings and meanings of his Water Clock in Hornsby Mall.

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  • The Water Clock at Woodgrove Centre,Nanaimo BC ,Canada

    The Water Clock at Woodgrove Centre,Nanaimo BC ,Canada MP3

    The Water Clock at Woodgrove Centre,Nanaimo BC ,Canada Woodgrove Centre --- is a shopping center on Vancouver Island in the harbour city of Nanaimo, ...

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  • Waterfall Graphic Print [Osaka Station City] 1

    Waterfall Graphic Print [Osaka Station City] 1 MP3

    [間近から] 大阪駅の「水時計」が凄いぞ

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  • Water Powered Pendulum Clock

    Water Powered Pendulum Clock MP3

    My own unique design Pendulum Driven Clock which is driven by the weight of the water landing in the 'cross' tube of the pendulum assembly which is divided ...

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  • The Secrets of the Water Clock | This Week

    The Secrets of the Water Clock | This Week's WOW ep. 67 | The Children's Museum of Indianapolis MP3

    In episode 11 of This Week's WOW we showed you how the Water Clock works (, but now we want to take you deep underground ...

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  • WaterColorBot Water Clock

    WaterColorBot Water Clock MP3

    Water painting the time with WaterColorBot and Buddha Board. More info here:

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  • Ancient Chinese Water Clock

    Ancient Chinese Water Clock MP3

    This is a video that was uploaded by accident Lego-minister will remove this after published! This video is meant for personal use only but spilled on to internet ...

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  • Hototogisu-The Water Clock 01 [Noriko Kojima Quintet] at Shibuya KOKO 2010/02/16

    Hototogisu-The Water Clock 01 [Noriko Kojima Quintet] at Shibuya KOKO 2010/02/16 MP3

    2010/2/16(火) 渋谷 KOKOにて 小島のり子(fl)、山口友生(g)、二村希一(p)、鈴木克人(b)、小山彰太(d) CD「Lush Life」収録メンバーによ...

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  • Andrew Chalk + Daisuke Suzuki - The Water Clock

    Andrew Chalk + Daisuke Suzuki - The Water Clock MP3

    Andrew Chalk + Daisuke Suzuki | In Faxfleet Clouds Uplifted Autumn Gave Passage To Kind Nature | Faraway Press | 2010.

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  • Tim Hunkin and the Neal

    Tim Hunkin and the Neal's Yard Water Clock MP3

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  • Bedol Water Clock Introduction

    Bedol Water Clock Introduction MP3

    See how the Bedol Water Powered Alarm Clock runs on water and water alone. No batteries or plugs, just tap water. Changing the batteries is as easy as ...

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  • Modern Water Clock Berlin change from 12AM to 1PM

    Modern Water Clock Berlin change from 12AM to 1PM MP3

    Modern Water Clock Berlin clepsydra change from 12AM to 1PM.

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